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your theme is rlly slow and i can read the side description cuz of the light color.

It’s not the theme - actually, check most themes (roleplay ones) lately and most main pages move very slow. It might be your browser, it might be tumblr, it might be the script I’m using. Try scrolling over the sidebar to read it, but it’s really just copy+pasted from the plot anyway, so you can always go there :)

Ash Brighton - Accepted 

Your name/timezone: Alexa, GMT + 8
Character desired: Ash Brighton
Activity level (what times are you on, how often): at least 3 times a aweek and I’m  on a lot during the weekends :)
Paragraph Sample (for this roleplay, can be any length you’d like):

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Tributes; It's interview time! 

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Flinn St. Germaine - Accepted 

Your name/timezone: Luna/WIB (GMT+7)
Character Desired: Flinn St. Germaine

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Oh and can you make a message about how there's still a few male tributes, and one female left?

Here’s the message. Apply for them, guys!

Lilya made it through the games alive, that’s all she could have ever asked her. Her morally righteous parents, however, watched many of the tributes be slaughtered by their daughters hand. They had plenty of other kids, so it’s not like they didn’t have a distraction. That’s what Lilya thinks of anyway, when she thinks of why her parents refuse to do any unnecessary social interactions with her. She didn’t win the games the easy way, she won it through a lot of blood and violence. 

She was never good at hiding until the games, and it appears she never stopped hiding. She’s not easy to notice, and can often blend into a crowd. This isn’t to say she’s shy though, because she’s incredibly loud. She’s just more of a shadow. She’s a flirt, but in an innocent and unintentional way. Her playful nature causes accidental flirting. Liliya’s fairly happy considering it all, she’d prefer for it to be different, but the world won’t bend for her.