Ally isn’t someone you should underestimate. She’s small and quick, and unbelievably smart for someone her age. Growing up with her three big brothers, she’s a lot tougher than her fragile looking frame implies, she’s learned to fend for herself and hold her own. They’ve taught her more about life than school ever could, and she’s a stronger person for it. She’s well known throughout the District to be rather shy - never straying far from her family, somewhat quiet, but there’s a lot that goes on in her mind, even if she doesn’t always voice it. Her father was killed when he was called into the Capitol to fix some of the street lights - violently electrocuted. Ally’s brothers and mother (though her mother usually doesn’t say anything) have always been suspicious of his death, leaving Ally to grow up thinking the Capitol is evil and very corrupt. 

Though she may be shy, she caught the worlds attention when she was Reaped - all of Panem were shocked at the usually quiet girl, beautiful, but silent. Her presence was illuminating and she turned heads as she made her way towards Effy on the stage. She walked up to to the stage with her head held high - showing none of the fear she so obviously felt inside when they called her name - she looked strong, but on the inside she was shaking. Ally never imagined that she’d be called to the the stage, that she’d ever have to experience such an awful sinking feeling. Her entire body was numb with both fear and anticipation. When asked her name, she replied with, “Ally Right. And the odds aren’t in my favor today.”  

(Special thanks and credit to Jesi for helping me out with this one!)

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