Grain production is a constant thought of those of district nine, but Finley might be the exception. She was raised to be wild and carefree, which has caused her quite some trouble with authority figures around her, and she wasn’t a fan of the whole big grain production thing - she’s unique, different, and proud of it. She doesn’t care much for work, but through it she found her favorite tool, the sickle. She plans to use it in the games to her great advantage, not planning on holding back at all. She was raised to be wild and carefree, and she’s going to continue being it, that means not dying in a strict arena by laws of the Capitol. After all, she thinks, cutting down men can’t be too different from grain. 

Finley doesn’t care what you call her much, just don’t call her Fin - she’ll probably rip you apart. Finley’s a bit tough, you see, and that’s what her parents called her, and if there is anything she hates in the world it is associating the games with her home life. She’s attempting to detach herself from what is to come in the games and she doesn’t want to think about or associate home with the games, for fear that it could distract her and cause her downfall. Finley doesn’t have any siblings, probably because she was too much of a problem child, but it doesn’t phase her much. Her token is a metal circlet shaped like sheaves of grain from her friends back home who are wishing that she returns. She wants to win to prove to herself that she is winner, and for her and her family to never deal with horrid grain again. 

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