Jamie’s parents wanted a girl, luckily for him the name they chose was a unisex name, Jamie. His mom didn’t care for him much, needless to say his attempts to win her affection ended poorly, and he often blames himself and the fact that he wasn’t a girl. He’s always yearned for affection, but never really received it. He enjoys the silence because that’s all there ever was for him. He worked in the factories as a child, as far away from his parents as possible in an attempt to at least make him of some use, having too much pride to outwardly voice his wish for a true parental figure. The work was hard, people died, and only a few of them were his fault. This doesn’t mean that Jamie didn’t have friends though, in fact he was quite popular. People flocked to him, because he was strong and could protect them.

He’s fully confident he’ll win the games. It’s not like murder is anything new to him, he wonders if you could even call it murder. His weapon of choice is a spear, which is normally not considered a stealth, but in Jamie’s hands it might as well be a dagger - it’s like he was born to use a spear, and the way he uses it is almost like magic, how gracefully horrible it is. His token’s a belt buckle with the seal of district 9 from the people he protects, he assumes they probably couldn’t give him a whole belt due to money troubles, but that’s not really the issue. The main problem is winning, which with his skills he’s certain he’ll be able to.

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